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新古毛亲善俱乐部                          RM5,000
叻思亲善俱乐部                            RM5,000
新古毛拿督哈芝卡玛鲁丁家教协会            RM4,000
新古毛淡小家教协会                        RM4,000
乌鲁音南马崇智华小董事部                  RM3,000
乌雪4B青年俱乐部                          RM3,000
叻思华小家教协会                          RM2,000
乌鲁音南马崇智华小家教协会                RM2,000
乌鲁安南助庆俱乐部                        RM2,000
叻思盂兰盛会                              RM2,000
新古毛休闲和旅游俱乐部                    RM1,000
乌雪警察俱乐部                            RM1,000


13102012 Peruntukan NGO – 黄冠文(右6)在联邦村长的陪同下和获得拨款的团体代表合照

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另外,他也批评民联政府虽然称此计划是免利息的,但是,却需要贷款者支付每年8%的融资费用(Caj Pembiayaan),其实,民联州政府是在欺骗人民,变相向贷款者收取利息。


13102012 MicroCredit MCA:黄冠文(右)颁发支票给获得一个马华青年微型贷款计划的受惠者,拉兹美(左)。中:国大党支会主席普奈纳登

If Talam-gate were transparent, no need for two & half years to announce White Paper’s disclosure

11 October 2012
Press statement by YB Wong Koon Mun, MCA Selangor State Liaison Committee Secretary and state Assemblyman for Kuala Kubu Baru
If Talam-gate were transparent, no need for two & half years to announce White Paper’s disclosure
Despite waiting for two and a half years, the White Paper on the Talam deal as promised by the Pakatan-led state government has now been declared that it will be revealed. However, whether it would be an empty promise or not is yet to be known. Nevertheless, MCA will continue to monitor the situation as this is not the first time that Pakatan’s promise was not delivered.
Selangor Menteri Besar Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim had announced that he would disclose all matters pertaining to the Talam deal, the auditor’s review and others as soon as the White Paper is tabled at the state Assembly sitting.
The White Paper on the Talam deal was supposed to be released in 2010 but it has been delayed until now. Is this the so-called “transparency” of the Selangor Pakatan administration as frequently exhorted by the Pakatan leadership? If MCA had not pushed for the White Paper to be released, the Talam deal would definitely have remained unknown or even relegated as a concealed matter.
Talam-gate has been consistently pursued by both YB Datuk Chua Tee Yong and by the MCA Selangor leadership since July this year. As a result, all the Menteri Besar could come up with was to dispatch non office bearers in the Selangor state government to give replies to questions raised. If there is indeed nothing, why was the White Paper delayed since 2010 and only will be unveiled on 19 November 2012?
I wish to reiterate that MCA Selangor will continue to monitor the progress of the White Paper so as to ensure that Talam’s bailout will not be a cover-up again. MCA Selangor presses on this issue not as politicians but as taxpayers, each and every one of us has the right to know the details of every sen spent by the Selangor administration.
YB Wong Koon Mun
MCA Selangor Secretary
State Assemblyman for Kuala Kubu Baru
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